Programming and creating web-sites
embodies your ideas with high professionalism
Analytics skills
High responsibility
Creative thinking
Trusted once your task to master, you would never worry that all will be managed right and on time.
More 5 y experiences web-development
Bases of internet-marketing certificate Google skills
Solve difficult problems
No intermediators
Flexible price and discount system
Ask me by Telegram or on this site
begin with visit-card

Look at sites with similar subjects, pick best of them, copy and slightly modify that.

Think your advantages, develop a unique selling proposition and company logo.

Work out plain site, put out 2-3 main products or services and detail description, your contact info.

Simple site is not expensive, if you have layouts, texts and images. Order html with profi.

Order a simple website

Pop services

  • phppop-srv-icon
  • databasepop-srv-icon
  • javascriptpop-srv-icon
  • htmlpop-srv-icon
  • Server setupspop-srv-icon
  • crmpop-srv-icon
  • seopop-srv-icon
  • tor-sitespop-srv-icon

Work rates

Domen name
Hosting for year
Personal area
Payments receiving
Social integration
10 days
1 month
1-2 month

Typical stages of order performance

Call or meeting

1-2 h

Meeting in public place and stand tasks in general:

  • Client know, what kind of site he wants, will it has payment receiving or check in users etc
  • Cost of work calculate approximately


1 d
  • Customer, as a rule, pay for hosting and domain name (place of your site in web). Sometimes might need sim-card
  • Client pay by parts as his order performance
  • Prepayment for work is welcome!

Making technical assignment

1-7 d
  • All volume of work splits on logical parts, standalone modules
  • Next, in details describes logic and layout each module
  • Calc terms and costs each part of entire project

Working out project

10-90 d

At this stage site takes embodies and functions, becomes similar technical assignment, making:

  • Settings connections
  • Settings users
  • Html and layout
  • Coding scripts
  • The page for manage site

Debugging and testing

1-30 дней

Often, majority updates going at last moment, therefore it will not be excess to check out all functions one more time to be certain, or do next works:

  • Fixing bugs
  • Precise styles of items layout
  • Scripts optimizations
  • Testing all functions

After completing all work you will have full-functioned site


1 - 6 m

Your site can attract users by search or ad.For effective promoting, doing:

  • key words list
  • Analyzes statistics of pages and users
  • Fill business forms and supplement that reviews
  • Order advertising
  • Compare your site positions with competitors

Turnkey delivery

1-5 d

Customer obtain all accounts bind with your site (and sim-card)

  • Completed site does not need any support, but it is recommended reserve copying database and files
  • Users and search-systems like regularly-updating sites. You might wants to continue contract for improving existing functions or creation something new

Web workshop

Helpful links

System, office, pop software. Links to get soft
Info about process, services and hardware on Windows-PC


Аленка Смирнова(Челикова)

Очень благодарна за грамотную поддержку в поправке сайта!Заодно перестановку винды,не знала что существует уже 10-я!Респект!

Wrote: 2020-10-19 23:07:22
Виктор Лыгин

Хороший специалист в области программирования, быстро осваивает новые технологии, разбирается в чужом коде, ответственно относится к работе.

Wrote: 2020-04-08 15:54:11

Best review

Ден Добрый

Уже не первый раз обращаюсь, начинали с визитки, сейчас у меня полноценный интернет-магазин и даже были заказы. Проект мне окупился. В следующий сезон обязательно запустим рекламу!

Realized project:Питомник саженцев, растений и деревьевСад Приморья
Wrote: 2021-03-12 09:55:00
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