How to reset evaluation period of Phpstorn on Linux Ubuntu and Windows-10 and retrieve workspace

Reset on Linux Ubuntu

Tested versions

  • PhpStorm 2019.2.2 Build#PS-192.6603.42, built on September 12, 2019
  • Linux w651 3.13.0-32-generic #57-Ubuntu SMP

Reset Licence

You may reset licence, using console, run next commands:

cd ~/.PhpStorm[version]
rm config/eval/PhpStorm[version].evaluation.key
rm config/options
cd ~/.java/.userPrefs/jetbrains
rm -rf phpstorm

For move to directory .PhpStorm[version] type at console cd ~/. next press tab

This solution has copied from internet and it does works. This way, free evaluation period 30 days will reset, after you may start evaluation again.

To move files, would be better use file-explorer like Dolphin or some other. If you want to retrieve workspace, save files from config/options in apart directory to use that on next steps.

Retrieve projects and connections

List of projects and list of connections are in two files webServers.xml and recentProjectDirectories.xml

File recentProjectDirectories.xml must be similar that:

< entry key='$USER_HOME$/PhpstormProjects/CrmTest'>
< value>
< RecentProjectMetaInfo>
< option name="build" value="PS-192.6603.42" />
< option name="productionCode" value="PS" />
< option name="binFolder" value="$APPLICATION_HOME_DIR$/bin" />
< option name="projectOpenTimestamp" value="1571400758954" />
< option name="buildTimestamp" value="1568298935318" />
< /RecentProjectMetaInfo>
< /value>
< /entry>

Each project in file, has own projectOpenTimestamp and buildTimestamp, that you need to replace with new values. For example, you reset test-period and begin new, then create new project and pick new values from there.


At the end, you need copy back in config/options/ old webServers.xml and just updated recentProjectDirectories.xml To retrieve color scheme and other options you may try to edit other files in directory config/options/

Reset on Windows-10

Tested versions

  • PhpStorm 2020.1
  • Windows-10 Pro assembly 19041

Reset Licence

On Windows, after expire free licence period, php-storm show annoying dialog windows with warning that time to use program is limited 30 min. To reset test period you need do next actions:

Open reg edit and remove branch


Go to folder Users of system (CurrentUser - your user name). Delete folder


Delete folder:


Copy files from

to use that further for retrieve projects, remove origin folder after copied from that.

After that test period must be reset and you can begin trial one more time.

Retrieve projects and connections

PhpStorm store list of project in recentProjects.xml

As well as Linux OS, on Windows you need to update projectOpenTimestamp and buildTimestamp for each project, described in file:

Next you create new void project, then phpStorm create new options\recentProjects.xml. From there you must copy actual values to replase old values in options\recentProjects.xml.

AT the end you need to replace old recentProjects.xml by the just updated file.


Php Storm is a very good IDE, that worth for buy, because of I didn't cope with to adjust free netBeans for work by ftp. But reset licence takes about 5 min.